Western New York Maritime Charter School

Western New York Maritime Charter School
266 Genesee Street
Buffalo, New York 14203

The Western New York Maritime Charter School is a college preparatory program that uses a military structure and chain of command, reflecting the maritime tradition of the U.S. Navy, Coast Guard and Merchant Marines. The mission statement of Western New York Maritime Charter School recognizes leadership and character development, the inherent cornerstones of the school. The school offers an extensive program of Naval Science instruction provided by the Naval Junior Officers Training Corps (NJROTC) which plays no role in the management of the charter school. NJROTC prescribes and implements the naval science curriculum, furnishes instructional materials, provides naval science instructors and issues, at Navy expense, the uniform clothing of students. Students are expected to demonstrate honor, integrity and respect for all members of the school community, rejecting any behavior by themselves or of their follow students that does not rise to the standards of the school community. Faculty, staff and students have certain rights and responsibilities, summarizing in the Code of Conduct. Students who choose to become part of this school community choose to abide by the Code of Conduct.