Dining in the cityIf your craving some heart thumping, soul cleansing music, you don’t have to travel far. On any night of the week. At any time of the year. Blues, pop, rock, jazz – whatever you have a taste for, Downtown Buffalo is hot with a live music scene, which rivals New York, Los Angeles and even Chicago! From local musicians trying to make a name for themselves at “Battle of the Bands” contests to national recording artists rocking out at free outdoor concert, Buffalo’s live music is making waves throughout the Northeast Region. In the past decade, Chippewa Street has emerged as one of the hottest strips in the nation. Lined with bars and live music venues, the bars spill out onto the sidewalks in the warm weather.

4Play Nightclub 45 W Chippewa St 716/852-0171
67 West 67 W. Chippewa Street 716/842-0281
Babeville 341 Delaware Avenue 716/852-3835
Bacchus Wine Bar & Restaurant 56 W. Chippewa Street 716/854-9463
Bada Bing Bar and Grill 42 W. Chippewa Street 716/853-2464
Bambino Bar & Kitchen 297 Franklin Street  716/240-9851
Bottoms Up 69 W. Chippewa Street 716/602-2245
Buffalo Iron Works 49 Illinois Street 716/200-1893
Buffalo's Mohawk Place 47 E. Mohawk Street 716/312-9279
City Tavern 51 W. Chippewa Street 716/855-1330
Cobblestone Bar and Grill 130 South Park Avenue 716/848-1930
Colored Musicians Club 145 Broadway 716/855-9383
D'Arcy McGee's Irish Pub 257 Franklin Street 716/853-3600
District 454 Pearl Street  
Eddie Brady's Tavern 97 Genesee Street 716/854-7017

Electric Avenue Cafe

300 Ellicott at Mohawk Street 716/854-1760
Encore 492 Pearl Street 716/931-5001
Founding Fathers Pub 75 Edward Street 716/855-8944
Indulge 49 W. Chippewa Street  
Irish Times 38 Swan Street 716/854-2199
Just Vino 846 Main Street (Corner of Main and Virginia) 716/725-0166
Laughlin's 333 Franklin Street  716/842-6700
The Lodge 79 W. Chippewa Street 716/259-1460
Lux 75 W. Chippewa Street 716/853-5555
Marcella Show Club 622 Main Street 716/847-6850
Nietzsche's 248 Allen Street 716/886-8539
Noir 88 W. Chippewa Street 716/853-2762
OHM Ultra Lounge 948 Main Street 716/332-0510
Pearl Street Grill & Brewery 76 Pearl Street 716/856-2337
Sky Bar (open during summer months) 257 Franklin Street (Above D'Arcy McGee's Irish Pub) 716/853-3600
The Waiting Room 334 Delaware Avenue 716/849-1000
Soho Burger Bar 64 W. Chippewa Street 716/856-7646
The Chocolate Bar 114 W. Chippewa Street  716/332-0484
Town Ballroom 681 Main Street 716/852-3900
Tralf Music Hall 622 Main Street 716/852-2860
Tudor Lounge 335 Franklin Street 716/855-9643
Underground Nightclub 274 Delaware Avenue 716/853-0092