Operations Department

Operations DepartmentThe Buffalo Place Operations Department defines
three main goals as the objectives of the department: to manage, regulate and maintain public space in the 24-block, Downtown Buffalo business improvement district for the benefit of property owners, businesses and users. The maintenance of the central business district is the primary focus of the Operations Department as it works to present Downtown Buffalo as a major destination for businesses, tourists, families and entertainment seekers.The 24-block, Downtown business corridor is maintained seven days a week, by a team of 9 operations workers. The Operations Department will continue to keep public spaces clean, free from snow in the winter and well landscaped in the summer. Ensuring that sidewalks and public spaces were well-regulated in regard to vehicular traffic, vending and other activities. The department also developed a capital replacement plan for public space amenities.



Overall cleanliness is a clear indicator of the value a community places on its public spaces. Litter collection and removal continue to be a core responsibility for the Operations Department.

Partnerships: The work of the Operations Department would be significantly more difficult, if not impossible, without the cooperation and assistance of personnel in the City of Buffalo’s Departments of Public Works, Parks and Streets and Economic Development, Permits and Inspection Services and the Niagara Frontier Transportation Authority, as well as concerned property owners and building managers within the district.

Curb-appeal: Overall levels of maintenance of privately owned buildings in Downtown Buffalo continues to improve, reducing the number of Downtown’s “problem properties.” Where possible, Buffalo Place cooperates with property owners by making improvements to the public space that complement the private improvements. Buffalo Place also continues to remove or cover graffiti on public property throughout the district on a regular basis and there has been an overall reduction in this form of vandalism throughout Downtown

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Public Space Management

Horticulture: The presence of trees and plantings are critical to the public’s enjoyment of Downtown. Although Downtown Buffalo did not lose many trees during the “October Surprise” snow storm of 2006, the crew was kept busy for several weeks pruning damaged trees and removing downed limbs throughout the district and adjacent areas.

Rotary Rink/Fountain Plaza: The Operations Department supplies personnel to maintain the ice and clean the public portions of the Rotary Rink atrium. Additionally, Operations personnel sets-up chairs and tables for birthday parties and other special events held at Rotary Rink. Buffalo Place also maintains the fountain and reflecting pool during the summer months, skimming, draining and refilling each on a regular basis.

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Special Event Support

Each year support of special events represents a significant commitment for the Operations Department. In addition to Buffalo Place’s own events such as Thursday at the Square and Buffalo Place Rocks the Harbor, Buffalo Place provides maintenance support to the Taste of Buffalo, Buffalo Ball Drop and Gus Macker Basketball Tournament. Regular employees are supplemented with part-time and temporary workers for these events. Labor costs for non-Buffalo Place events are covered by event sponsors.

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Regulations: Sidewalk vending can be a significant catalyst for increased pedestrian activity and an animated streetscape. Dozens of application and information packets are distributed to potential vendors over the course of the year.

The Operations Department acts as a conduit to the City Hall Licenses Division for constituent complaints about street musicians and violations of vending rules.

Click here for a list of Vending Program Sites and for a Downtown District Vending Program Application, click here. For a map of the vending sites, click here and for answers to Frequently Asked Questions regarding Vending, click here.

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