90% Design Presented on March 16, 2011

90% Layout Plan The 70% Concept A Layout with trees in formal rows was selected during the January review period.  At the request of several theater operators, five trees will be relocated to a nearby site, so that views of the Alleyway Theatre sign and the 710 Playhouse Marquee (former Studio Arena Theater) will not be blocked, as is appropriate in a theatre district.  An additional rail road crossing arm will be placed at the north-east corner of Chippewa and Main Street, so that northbound automobile traffic can be automatically stopped in case NFTA has to run Metro Rail on a single track during a repair or construction.

Tupper Street Gateway Signage Concept The Theatre District Sign at Tupper Street was discussed.  The sign will be placed on the north wall of the enclosure surrounding the portal where the train enters Main Street from underground.  The plaza area is visible to Tupper Street traffic and acts as a visual gateway to the Theatre District. 

The sign will be made of a translucent resin material which will glow when illuminated from below.  Metallic letters spelling “Theatre District” will be attached to the front.  The concept illustrates the opportunity to etch a design, wording or logo into the sign, and shows a daytime view, and how the lighting color can shift at night.  The Theatre District representatives preferred a simple sign without etching, but want to consider including appropriate Theatre District graphics to be developed.  Etching will be included in the cost estimate, but will be dropped if not preferred in the next discussion. 

Portal Fence
Two alternative fence materials were discussed to enclose the portal where the train emerges from underground.  The goal was to select the most transparent fence style to ensure visibility of storefronts across the street.  DOT construction projects must use steel manufactured in the USA, so different materials were considered than at the 70% level.  Theatre District representatives selected the vertical, stainless steel, ½ inch diameter round pickets, rather than the grid design similar to fencing used in the Erie Canal Harbor area.

Decorative panels had been discussed at the 70% design stage, but were dropped from the design during the meeting because they didn’t seem to provide sufficient benefit.  They were thought to block the cross street view and are too narrow to provide a useful message.

Additional Materials
Other design elements were discussed including wayfinding signage, a railroad gate with a fence enclosure at Chippewa Street, stone cube and bench seating and other amenities.  Catenary poles will not be painted as part of this project as they were recently painted.  The back color preference will be the recommendation for painting in the future.  Decorative theater style lighting attached to district light fixtures was discussed and favorably received.